Did you know the National Pachyderm dues rate has never changed? That is right, from the National Organization's inception the national dues have remained at $20 for Club members and $25 for National (at-large, members who do not have a local Club in their area) members.

Two years ago our National Board embarked on a journey to drastically increase the organization's reach, grow our brand, and stake Pachyderm Clubs' rightful claim as a household name among Conservative families throughout our great nation. We are pleased to say that we have made enormous progress in those two years. But, if we are to continue on this journey and keep our dues steady, we must diversify our income.

The Pachyderm mission states, "Free Government Requires Active Citizens." One way you as an active citizen can help us reach out to other active citizens is to financially support our growth. The more informed, active voters we have the better our Country is.

Support the National Pachyderm Federation
The National Federation of Pachyderm Clubs, a non-profit 501(c)(4), needs your help in providing the resources needed to give additional hands-on tools to local clubs as well as your help developing social networking programs and incentives for building membership. The key to Pachyderm Clubs' success is grassroots education of voters. Help us provide the much needed training and resources to our local Clubs so they can achieve this mission. Your donation of any amount is appreciated. Click here to learn about the IVORY CIRCLE DONOR program and make a donation to the National Federation of Pachyderms.

Support The Pachyderm Foundation
The Pachyderm Foundation, is a member supported non-profit, tax deductible, 501(c)(3), needs your help sending youth who are interested in government and politics to College and Boys and Girls State. Click here to learn more about The Pachyderm Foundation and make a donation.

Contact us at or 1-888-467-2249.

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