The Pachyderm Foundation was formed over 20 years ago by George W. Parker Sr.. George was a strong believer in the necessity of developing young people for future political leaders and he founded the Foundation as a tool to accomplish this mission. The Foundation was established as a 501(C)(3) private foundation to allow for a tax exempt status. This means that individuals can make tax deductible contributions to the The Pachyderm Foundation. 

The purpose of the Pachyderm Foundation is to promote the development of political leaders. This includes advancing political education and the dissemination of information on the U.S. political system. The primary use of funds is to provide scholarships for students in pursuit of studies that would equip them to make some contribution to the political leadership needs of the nation. Such scholarships are provided without regard to race, religion or partisanship. Those interested in applying for these scholarships should click on the appropriate link below, complete the application and return it to the address on the form.

Pachyderm Foundation Scholarship Application Form

Annual George W. & Lois Parker Sr. Boys & Girls State Scholarship Application Form

ATTENTION PACHYDERM CLUBS!!! Find Out How the Foundation Can Help You

Current Foundation Board Members
President - William C. Phelps
Vice President - Dr. L. Sandy MacLean
Secretary - Mark Langworthy
Treasurer - James R. Frazer
Directors - Luanne DeWitt, Sophia Mafrige and John Wiemann
Ex-Officio - National Pachyderm President Bob Shults

Your Gift to the Foundation
Please consider making a contribution to the scholarship fund. There are several ways to support the Pachyderm Foundation. Contributors are not required to be members of a Pachyderm Club. The Foundation has little overhead cost as all work is by volunteers and we do not have an office, only a PO Box.  You may request and will be provided a financial summary for the Foundation. Depending on the amount of available cash, the Foundation will match a Club’s scholarship donation (up to $250). 

Estate Planning
The first significant contribution to the Foundation was from the estate of a concerned citizen of Columbia, MO.  Please remember the Foundation in your estate planning.  The Foundation’s endowment has grown slowly which limits the funds we can contribute to scholarships each year.  Your Estate Gift could help increase the amount and number of scholarships given each year. Contact your Financial Planner to set up a gift of estate.

Make a Donation
Making a contribution is easy.  If you wish to make a tax deductible donation please print the contribution form, fill it out and remit your check to the address provided. Donations may also be made online (but will not be tax deductible) by completing the online contribution form below.  A receipt will be mailed acknowledging your contribution.

Contact Bill Phelps at or Jim Frazer at

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