President Ronald Reagan's Endorsement

"Our freedoms are not safe unless we as citizens interest ourselves in government, inform ourselves about it, and involve ourselves in it. That is precisely what Pachyderms are doing." -- President Ronald Reagan

As president Reagan said, it is crucial that we as citizens get involved - and one of the best ways to do so is to affiliate with a national organization like the National Federation of Pachyderm Clubs. By being a Pachyderm Club rather than just a local political club, you gain the advantages of an affiliation with an already established and respected organization and a headquarters ready to assist you.

As a Pachyderm Club, you have the right to make use of the Pachyderm emblems and name as well as a limited license to utilize the GOP elephant emblem. Our recognition as an official allied organization of the Replublican National Committee brings you credibility when working with elected officials as well as with Republican party officials. Pachyderm gives you a proven club structure and system complete with "How to" manuals, training materials, promotional materials, newsletters, web sites, an awards system, and National credibility. Your affiliation with the National Federation of Pachyderm Clubs makes it easier for you to establish and maintain a political club designed to attract, educate, and train potential Republican volunteers and candidates.

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